This short guide will help you to connect Fronter with Trello.

It's simple and will make it possible for you to directly export feedbacks and comments from the canvas to Trello.

This integration requires you to have a account, that you can create over here. It will also only work if you have a Trello account, if you do not have one yet, you can create one here.

After you have been logged into your Fronter account.

  • Go to Integration in the menu bar on your left.

  • When it is done, just switch ON the Trello integration, a pop-up will show up log into your account and allow Fronter to connect with your account.

Then start to export the feedbacks and comments on your canvas to your Trello board.

Here’s a sample of exported comments on your Trello board.

Here is how to export comment to your integration.

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